Family Law

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Family Law Solicitors Dublin

Kent Carty approaches all family law matters in a highly sensitive manner, recognising that each individual will need independent advice and support unique to their situation.

We advise people who are experiencing a breakdown in a relationship to always seek independent legal advice on matters that could affect their personal circumstances. The dissolution of a family unit gives rise to a number of legal, financial and tax implications that can be intimidating to deal with. A legal professional is able to clarify and reduce the stress around these implications.

We understand that people may choose different options in the case of a relationship breakup.

If you are seeking to divorce, Kent Carty’s family law team will work sensitively with you, especially when children are involved, to resolve any issues efficiently and with compassion.

If you choose to separate, but not divorce, we can help you formalise agreements in relation to children, property and investments.

If a couple reach a voluntary agreement, this can be incorporated into a separation agreement. We advise our clients fully on the advantages and disadvantages of the separation agreement.

Family mediation is also an alternative that couples may want to consider. A neutral third party, known as the “mediator”, facilitates a process where couples can resolve issues around finances, assets and living arrangements for children.