Personal Injury Claims

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Personal Injury Claims Solicitors Dublin

A personal injury can have an immediate and devastating consequence for you and your loved ones. Kent Carty’s personal injury team deals with every type of personal injury claim

We understand that the best way to support our clients who are dealing with a personal injury* is to help them reach a resolution as quickly as possible, and to ensure that a fair and appropriate amount of compensation is claimed.

Our service to our clients includes advising on the levels of compensation you can expect. Our solicitors work closely with medical professionals to gain a clear view of your present and ongoing care needs arising from the injury, and to make certain that all of your future needs are included in the compensation payment.

You are entitled to compensation if you have been unfairly injured. Kent Carty takes a constructive approach to litigation with defendant insurers and advocates the use of negotiation and/or mediation to resolve disputes where possible. In cases that cannot be compromised we will vigorously pursue your right to compensation through the Courts. Kent Carty has strong relationships with many experts in Ireland to support your claim. We may call on one of our engineer experts, for example, to advise on liability, or an independent medical expert to provide their expertise on your injuries.

The thought of having to go to Court also prevents some people from claiming compensation when they have sustained a personal injury*. However, only a very small amount of our cases goes to Court. Our expertise means that the vast majority of the personal claims we advise on are settled without going to Court. If your claim does have to go to Court, we will continue to support you every step of the way, demystifying the legal process and keeping you informed.

Our expertise also extends to advising on BTE (before the event) and ATE (after the event) policies for consumers and service providers.

Our personal injury* team has worked on the following claims:

  • Road traffic accidents*
  • Workplace accidents*
  • Product Liability*
  • Spinal Injuries*
  • Brain Injuries*
  • Psychiatric Injuries*
  • Asbestos Related Disease*